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"Seven Years"

In this program, ACE explores the music of three composers working at the same time in history, but in very different circumstances.  Here, we experiment with three different ways to present music...each losely connected to the composer's own approach to writing and to the historical context for the work. 

Samuel Barber's Summer Music gives us an opportunity for the academic and personal approach.  The audience is invited to interact with the music before the show and has input in the content of the live performance.  The audience is treated to real "play by play"  action as they navigate through their "choose your own adventure" progam notes.


Shostakovich's String Quartet No. 8 allows for a more emotional experience of the music.  Spoken word and special lighting draws the listener into a more intimate and personal experience with this masterpiece. 

Finally, Martinu's Nonet for strings and winds is presented without context...simply as a piece of art to be enjoyed for what it is...beautiful, simple, and fun!  We encourage our audience to simply listen with open ears and an open heart. 

Latest Performance: September 26, 2011 at VCU

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