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Past Projects

Project Beck

ACE has assembled a list of 20 of the most influential American composers of this generation, and each of them has agreed to “arrange” one of Beck’s new songs from his SONG READER for our ensemble.  

This project will connect the rock music and classical music worlds in two ways. First, classical art composers are being asked to use the music of a Rock Star to serve as inspiration for their compositions and will only have access to instruments in our classical ensemble.  Secondly, Beck fans who know and love his music will be introduced to the creativity of contemporary composers as they experience these classical “covers” of the music they love. 


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For Everything, A Season

Seasons of life are explored through music in a series of concerts inspired by univeral themes that unite us all.

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ACE from Beyond the Grave
This Halloween-inspired concert allowed the musicians of ACE to breathe new life into the music of the dead and to celebrate the music of living composers that were inspired by them!
What does it mean to be free?

An exploration of the concepts surrounding freedom, complete with the "freedom wall" created by concert attendees!  Music includes David Bruce's "Gumboots", Dana Wilson's "Sing to me of the Night", and Arno Babajanian's Piano Trio.  

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Concert Decision 2012
This election-weekend concert allowed guests to vote on their concert choices after a series of lively debates between musicians.  
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Seven Years
In this program, ACE explores the music of three composers working at the same time in history, but in very different circumstances.  Here, we experiment with three different ways to present music...each loosely connected to the composer's own approach to writing and to the historical context for the work.

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Three Friends and 
A Stranger
ACE explores the connections between visual art and music through a collaboration with visiting artist and sculptor.
House Specials
This is a unique and very interactive house concert where the audience is able to actually order live chamber music from a pre-fixed menu of musical choices! You can create your ideal musical "meal".

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"reIMAGINEd" - ACE goes Steampunk

This concert was inspired by steampunk, a movement which seems to re-imagine our existence by asking "what might have been"?  ACE loves the idea of imagining a present or a future that is different because of choices we could have made in the past. In that spirit, we will present pairs of works, each exploring the re-imagination of some musical or artistic feature.

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Explore how music moves your spirit and make personal connections to the musicians of ACE through Brahms' Horn Trio.  Then join us as we explore all different types of movement in our city through the Prokofiev Quintet! ACE collaborates with AMARANTH Contemporary Dance.

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A series of live studio lunchtime concerts with ACE and Bobbie Barajas.  Space was limited, and repertoire consists of "tiny treasures" of the chamber music literature.  


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Exercising our Ear Muscles

Producer Will Rogers joins ACE at WCVE for a one-of-a-kind radio program blending the idea of radio show with a live radio performance at WE Public Radio. 


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In our modern world of instant gratification and information overload, ACE asks, "Are our attention spans really shrinking?".  We look at the difference between audiences of the past and audiences of today, and show you how listening to a concert is a lot like making new friends at a dinner party......


The program includes "Sweet Air", by David Lang, various music of Mozart, Braziliera by Darious Milhaud, the Khachaturian Trio, and the Dvorak Wind Serenade.  

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