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House Concert Gala

Saturday, October 6th
6:00 PM 
304 N. Belmont Ave
Richmond, VA 23221

Come and join us on October 6th for an evening of fun, food, drink, and great music presented by Richmond’s own award winning Atlantic Chamber Ensemble. If you have attended one of our house events in the past, you already know this is an evening not to be missed! 


For the past seven years, the musicians of ACE have given exciting, out of the box performances across the Richmond area,

always with a vision to present chamber music events where musicians and audience alike might come into meaningful contact with one another, the music, and themselves in elevating and sometimes surprising ways. It is in the pursuit of these authentic human experiences of the art that we are ever pushing ourselves to go further with sharing the music we love with our many friends and supporters here in Richmond and across the country.

If you’ve never attended one of our house concerts, we would absolutely love to see you there! It is a rare opportunity to experience live chamber music in the venue for which it was originally composed: a uniquely intimate social setting with great food, drink, and conversation to complement and enrich the experience. It is the perfect way for us to meet you and share the exciting masterpieces we love. Acoustically, the experience is very different from a traditional concert hall: you are literally sharing the stage with us and therefore completely enveloped inside the richness of the music. It’s a kind of electrically charged acoustic energy unlike anything else

as the musical details spring to life in warm, crystal clarity—right before your very ears!


Over the past seasons, ACE has continued to grow and expand, and that growth has presented us with new financial challenges to overcome. We are supremely thankful for the continued support we’ve received from our audiences, donors, partners, and presenters over the years, and it is with humble hearts that offer this fundraiser event in an effort to raise new monies with which we

might continue to pursue our vision. With that in mind, we are offering tickets to this event on a “pay what you can” basis. Consider that nowadays an evening out with food, drinks, and a concert or musical could cost $50 or more per person. We ask that you consider that when you decide what you’re able to pay for your tickets to our event! That’s it—just send us an email at to order your tickets and pay as little or as much as you would for a normal evening out. You decide! We don’t want the cost to prevent anyone who wants to experience this amazing evening of music from attending.

And if circumstances do not permit you to attend this time, we’d ask you to consider a one time donation to ACE now by going to the bottom of our homepage here or by sending us a check to our address listed here . Any and all help would be greatly appreciated, and a gift of any amount would help us to reach our immediate goals as well as support the continued pursuit of our unique mission to bring exciting new chamber music experiences to our Richmond area friends and audiences.

Email us at
for tickets!
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